I have studied and practiced energy healing since 1993. I have formally studied Reiki, Healing Touch and Restorative Touch, and am a certified Restorative Touch practitioner.

I am also a licensed massage practitioner (LMP)* and a writer.

I created my healing practice out of three main impulses:

  1. the personal experience that we are healed and elevated when we acknowledge and work with the non-material aspects of being;
  2. a felt sense that the body is holy, and a vehicle for great wisdom and evolution; and
  3. the belief that we are all uniquely called to help each other, and that we must respond to that call if we ourselves are to evolve
  4. a desire to help people live their lives to the fullest.

I was a professional writer for many years before making a career change to the alternative healing arts. I write extensively about energy healing, wellness and spirituality.

My background also includes higher education fund-raising, parenting, poetry, peace activism, and choral singing. I am also a minister ordained through Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.

*Washington State Massage License number MA00021672)

The term Restorative Touch is trademarked.

Energy Healer and Writer